Bread & Butter!

These are my main services that create massive value for everyone I’ve worked with.

I challenge anyone to bring me a business that won’t receive measurable benefit from what I provide here.

Lead Generation

Paid Ad Management – £800-£5000 p.m.

Google Ads or Facebook Ads are the dominant powers that be, so 95% of my work is on these two platforms.

The process is very similar whether you are new to PPC (Pay Per Click) or whether you have tried it before and want to maximise the output from your spend:

  • Keyword research
  • Building the creatives (images, videos, etc.)
  • Creating the campaign
  • Optimising the campaign
  • Monitoring, tweaking and reporting result

Messenger Chatbot Design – £600-£3000

This is the new tech that will soon be as indispensable as email… who wouldn’t want their very own “Jarvis”?:

  • Setting up Artificial Intelligence
  • Writing conversational flow sequences
  • Integration with external platforms (Zapier, ESP)
  • Automating customer support
  • Multiple user acquisition entry points (FB Ads, website chat, etc.)


Email Marketing Service – £500-£2000

The setup of this depends on whether you have a list and want to squeeze the maximum possible OR if you are brand new to list building and are starting from scratch:

  • Setup of the autoresponder list, campaign and sequence
  • Writing the email sequence
  • Writing regular emails (*monthly Addon)
  • Creation of your email list account (*new users)
  • Building and integrating the lead capture form (*new users)

Website/Landing Page Design – £1000-£10,000

Whether you are looking for a brand new site OR you want your current site to be redesigned:

  • Design layout
  • Content creation (both written and image based)
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Structured for maximum visitor experience
  • Integrated with any other service (paid ads or email marketing)

As you can see, my price range is upfront so you know straight away. The final figure will depend entirely on what YOU WANT.

I look forward to working with you.